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Finest Quality Fast Hydration Guar Gum powder using our state of the art machinery

Chopra Group has been associated with the Guar Gum industry for more than 30 years being involved in almost every phase of its operation: cultivation, trading and manufacturing.

Having a vast experience in the industry backed with excellent infrastructure, we emphasise on providing high quality and highly functional naturally processed guar gum powder to our customers.

Why Chopra Guar Gum?

Our manufacturing facility is designed with state of art machinery and in-house lab to produce finest quality of Guar Gum Powder. With Quality consistency as our prime goal, the objective is to maintain a long-term relationship with our clients. Presently, we have the capacity of processing around 100 M.T. (~220000 lbs) of guar per day. We can assure you of providing best of quality at most competitive prices.

Finest Quality

Long term relationship with our

High Capacity

Provide Best Quality at Competitive prices.



Guar gum is a product of the guar been, a product widely fed to cattle. Guar means “cow food” in Hindi. Guar gum is a leguminous plant originating from India, which best grows in sandy soils, thus west, northwest of India are ideal for its farming.

It is an emulsifier, additive, thickener and stabilizer approved for use in wide range of foods, cosmetic and pharmaceuticals. India has been the single largest producer and exporter of guar gum accounting for more than 80% of the global output and trade while Jodhpur city in the north western state of Rajasthan in India is the most important processing centre of guar gum and contributes approximately 40% of the world’s guar gum supply.

Industrial grade guar gum is used in Drilling, Paper, Textile processing, Explosives, Ceramics, Paints and many other industries. Guar gum is a natural product and because it has the ability to swell by hydrolyzing with water, it can be used in a variety of water systems for food and industrial application.

Guar Split
Guar Gum Powder
Guar Meal Churi
Guar Meal Korma

Know More Guar Gum ?

When you lick an ice cream cone, eat a grilled cheese sandwich or brush your teeth, chances are you’re consuming a ubiquitous ingredient called guar gum. It’s a thickening agent whose profile has recently received a boost, thanks to the energy industry, which is using it to unlock previously unstoppable oil and gas deposits.

In a process known as hydraulic fracturing or fracking, thickened water (hence the use of guar) is pumped into energy-rich rock formations to create cracks, which allows oil and gas to escape. Fracking technology dates back to the 1940’s but it has only recently become a big part of oil and gas extraction because of the shale gas boom.

So how big it is? One estimate suggests that a typical oil well consumes roughly 4,000 kilograms of guar, putting pressure on the world’s guar resources, about 80% of which are in India. That pressure sent the prices soaring – it crossed $28,000 (U.S.) a metric ton in 2012, up twelvefold in a single year.

Historically, guar has been the lowest cost gelling agent that the industry could buy, as a natural product, it is environmentally friendly, and even if guar costs 10 per cent to 15 per cent more than chemical substitutes, drillers still prefer Guar. It is by far the best product for Fracking as it is 100 percent all natural. It is the same part of the plant used in food products, which are used in to make fracking gel, thus taking care of environment.

Guar Split
Guar Gum Powder
Guar Meal Churi
Guar Meal Korma


• Textile Industry • Paint Industry
• Pharma Industry • Paper Industry
• Mining Industry • Explosive Industry
• Ice Cream / Dairy Products • Bakery Products • Noodles • Pet Food • Pastery
• Processed Cheese • Soups • In Beverages
• Oil Drilling Industry
• Well drilling Industry


Guar Gum Manufacturing Facility

Latest Plant to cater every need of Guar Gum Industry from Food to Industrial Grade
Production of 100 M.T. (~220000 LBS) per day
Experienced and dedicated working team
Latest Plant to cater every need of Guar Gum Industry from Food to Industrial Grade


Self Sealing Facility available on site facilities to fill Container from factory as well as from ICD


Packing in 907 Kg (~2000 lbs) Jumbo Bag as well as in 25 Kg Paper Bag


Various Testing equipments for Food Grade and Industrial Grade
Fann and Grace Viscometers for Oil and Drilling Grade
Warring Blenders for preparing Mixtures
Brookfield Viscometers for Food Grade
Automatic Moisture and Ph Testing Equipments
Separate Microbiology Lab for Food Grade



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